Carpets can be a dwelling for all kinds of germs and dirt, even if it looks clean and you vacuum it frequently. If you want to take care of your carpet to thoroughly clean from our carpet cleaning services,  1Clean can offer the best and come on a convenient day with your permission. Our service includes a team of cleaners with all equipment necessary for perfect cleaning of carpets of your house or office. We are a popular company with high values and our cleaning personnel’s are well trained, reliable and trustworthy carpet cleaners.

We can clean out microscopic mites that hide in the carpet and are possible to have a dust mite plague. The effects of these infestations will have allergic reactions and are experienced by the users of these infected carpets. We ensure you that all the dirt, allergens, stains, and sand is effectively removed from the carpet. We offer both traditional and modern methods of carpet cleaning for perfect cleaning of the carpet. A clean carpet either in the house or office is aesthetically pleasing and lasts longer. We have also introduced Green technology that works better and is also quite easy to use. At the same time we charge very reasonable fees, making carpet cleaning very affordable for our clients.

We follow different types of Carpet cleaning methods as not all methods of cleaning work for all types of carpets.

  • Hot water extraction cleaning: In this method we use high temperature hot water to clean the carpet fiber and remove dirt from the carpet. It involves application of cleaning solution, cleaning with a brush; lastly the carpet is rinsed off with pressured water and left to dry out.
  • Carpet Shampooing: This method is less popular and we do not advise this method as it has the disadvantage of leaving wet foam in the carpet that takes too long, time to dry out and becomes sticky after it dries as no rinsing is done after shampooing.
  • Encapsulation: We use artificial detergents as a base that will turn into powder form when dries to clean carpets. Dirt particles in carpet will be encapsulated into fine particles when the artificial detergent foam dries and, finally, carpets are bruised when the foam dries out after cleaning. Carpet shampooing technique has been taken over by encapsulation technology as it uses less water while cleaning.
  • Bonnet Cleaning: This cleaning technique of ours is considered as the most effective carpet cleaning method as it uses a heavy duty machine with a spinning pad that cleans the surface with the help of cleaning solution and absorbs the dust particles and then dried out, this method is mostly used for hotels.

These are few to name from a wide variety of our carpet cleaning services. If you are in search of commercial cleaning services, then you are at the right place! We specialise in carpet cleaning and ensure the whole carpet is perfectly clean. We are proud of the quality of our carpet cleaning service both in terms of the staff we employ and the efficiency of job we do.